About TOS

A. How to navigate the US Bank Developer Portal

Doing pre-reads #1 and #2 will give you the most competitive edge coming into the competition

  1. Tutorial on how to create a REST API using node.js and mongoDB
  2. RAML Tutorial
    Please complete section 100 of the RAML tutorial. We will use RAML 0.8. RAML just released RAML 1.0 a couple of weeks ago.

    Accessing the on line Help

    *Use this API Designer when building out your RAML. (NOTE: when you save your RAML it uses the browsers file system. If you want to share the file you will need to download (export) it.) - http://raml-designer.akana-dev.net:3000
    *The tutorial is located here: http://raml.org/docs.html
  3. Account Data Sample API
    This is an example API built with node.js, express and mongodb. You can see this API in action in the developer portal. To do so you will need to:
    See the detailed RAML document and the node.js code by going to the Account Data Sample API's documentation page and click on Details in the left nav. - Account Data Sample Documentation

B. Registering for a user account

  1. White paper on managing, securing and promoting APIs

C. Getting access to the APIs

  1. APIs Are The New FTEs - http://techcrunch.com/2015/09/06/apis-are-the-new-ftes/
  2. Growing Use Of APIs in Finance - http://www.fiercefinanceit.com/story/growing-use-apis-finance-can-expose-firms-new-threats/2015-05-14
  3. API Security Needs to Be CXO Level - http://www.itbusinessedge.com/blogs/data-security/api-security-needs-to-be-backed-by-cxos.html
  4. APIs Need Rockstar Product Management - http://www.programmableweb.com/news/finding-rockstar-api-product-manager-your-public-apis/analysis/2015/09/21
  5. 41 APIs making waves in Fintech - http://letstalkpayments.com/41-apis-making-waves-in-fintech